Planning a trip can be stressful. You have to find a good hotel within your budget, get a flight that won't have 17 out-of-the-way layovers, figure out decent restaurants once you in arrive in said destination – it's really just kind of a pain. Since we're all tech savvy users here (right?), of course, we use our smartphones to simplify our lives, and apps like TripAdvisor make a big difference when it comes to having un bon voyage.

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And today, TripAdvisor is even more helpful than ever, thanks to a recent update that bumped the app up to v3.0. This update brings an improved UI packed with "bigger, more inspiring photos," videos, and more. You can also review previously-unlisted places on the fly with the ability to add new locations directly from within the app. And if you're traveling abroad, switching between currencies can now happen with the tap of a button.

TripAdvisor is a free download in the Play Store, so if you're a frequent traveler (or a first-timer looking to make things a bit easier) hit the widget to give it a shot.