So you got into the whole workout-on-the-Wii fad a while back, but now the Balance Board just hangs out in the corner, collecting dust. What a waste. You could choose to let it continue to clutter up your living room, or you could get it out, blow the dust off of it, and connect it to your Android phone or tablet. What?!

Thanks to an app called FitScales, that process is actually made incredibly simple. Just install the app, fire it up, and follow the on-screen instructions to get it synced up with your Android device. From there, the app can integrate with Fitbit and/or Runkeeper.

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There is one thing worth noting, however: it apparently doesn't work with Android 4.2 because "the new [Bluetooth] stack does not expose the functionality required by FitScales." Bummer.

If you're not in the minority of users who already have 4.2, however, hit the widget below to give FitScales a try.

FitScales (Wii Balance Board)
FitScales (Wii Balance Board)

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