RocketCat Games and Madgarden's Punch Quest is quite popular over on the iOS side of the fence, and today an official Android version was released on the Play Store, published by Noodlecake Studios. And yes, there are a lot of silly names in that sentence (sometimes I think there's an ongoing secret contest for 'most ridiculous studio name' among indie game developers). The game itself appears identical to the iOS version, and that's probably for the best, because Punch Quest has racked up a 5 star average rating on the App Store with over 13,000 reviews. Not an easy feat, by any means.

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So, what is Punch Quest? It's a sidescroller in which you punch things. More specifically, it's a retro arcade-style fighter in which you punch crap into oblivion. I don't know about you, but my wallet's already itching based on these screenshots.

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You can customize your character with various special moves and abilities, and maximize your pummeling potential with devastating combos and 'Supermoves.' For example:

Punch an egg that explodes, while you explode, and inside the egg is a gnome, then YOU ARE THE GNOME, and the gnome explodes after a bee sting.

The game itself isn't just a simple sidescroller, either - there's a reason Punch Quest is so popular. You can make various path choices during the game, and spawn rare encounters that can yield especially exciting lewt. And by lewt, I mean new and exciting ways to punch things. Head to the Play Store link below and make the best use of a dollar you will all week.

Punch Quest
Punch Quest
Price: Free+