The stock Gmail app is one of the best mail experiences on a mobile device, but it can still be nearly impossible to tame particularly active inboxes. XonoMail Beta has just arrived in Google Play, and it promises to keep your email in order without a ton of configuration. Best of all, it's completely free and has no ads while in beta.

XonoMail is based on the open source K-9 Mail project. The official K-9 app doesn't get a lot of attention these days, and it's UI is extraordinarily outdated. XonoMail goes the Holo route (#YOLO) and pulls multiple mail accounts into one place. The main feature being promoted here is the app's ability to automatically categorize your Gmail messages. It appends icons for apparel, social, travel, and other categories so you can easily triage your mail. Full features include:

  • Supports email protocol: POP3 / Exchange (with WebDAV) and IMAP Push IDLE
  • Automatic setup with major email accounts: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol
  • Multiple email accounts with Unified inbox.
  • Inbox: automatic category icons (Gmail only)
  • XonoHub: Automatic email organization by category (Gmail only)
  • XonoHub: Automatic email organization by Contact photo (all email accounts)
  • Instant automatic delivery: Push mail with IMAP IDLE (Gmail, AOL...)
  • Email threads support
  • Customizable options

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You can test out XonoMail on your email right this minute. You get a lot more benefits with a Gmail account, but anyone still rocking non-Google mail accounts would probably enjoy having a solid unified inbox – there aren't many good third-party email apps being maintained currently.

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