Google released the Google Keep note-taking service into the wild barely over a month ago, and now the Chrome app is here to make accessing the service as simple as using it. The app launches Google Keep in its own dedicated window, allowing you to take notes and manage to-do lists without having to search for them in a sea of tabs. There is also offline support, which could come in handy if the power goes out while you're brainstorming your next novel.

GoogleKeepChromeApp1 GoogleKeepChromeApp2 GoogleKeepChromeApp3

The Chrome app's interface is no different than Google Keep's existing web UI, which morphs into a tablet-friendly version whenever the website's window is shrunk down far enough. Nevertheless, the new app makes the service significantly more accessible. Like the majority of Chrome apps, the Google Keep one works across all of the major operating systems, including Chrome OS.


If you already use Google Keep for Android, the Chrome app should feel very familiar. It doesn't yet appear in general search results, but you can head over to the Chrome Web Store to take it out for a spin. Google will probably plaster a giant banner across the top of the Chrome Web Store soon enough.

Source: Google Chrome Blog