Today's Amazon Appstore deal is quite the bargain, and its value speaks for itself. Jump Desktop isn't the only remote desktop client out there, but it has no shortage of features. The app supports both RDP and VNC protocols, so if you have either already configured on your PC, you're good to go. Jump Desktop does not require that you install additional software on your machine. Awesome? Awesome.

The app allows you to control your computer as though it were a tablet, with pinch-zoom and two finger scrolling both supported. If you plug in an external keyboard and/or mouse into your Android device, you should find that all the usual keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks work as expected. It works on Windows. It works with Mac OS X. It even works with Linux.

Really, Jump Desktop's feature list is too long to repeat in the confines of this post - just give Amazon a visit and check it out for yourself. At $9.99, Jump Desktop is usually more expensive than most Android apps. Today, that is no longer the case. Enjoy.

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Download: Jump Desktop