WeatherBug has been a big name in online weather forecasting for a number of years, and it was one of the first full-featured weather apps on Android. The problem, however, is that the app looked like it was designed by inebriated orangutans. Well, no more. The WeatherBug app has been updated with new features and a streamlined (not ugly) UI.

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The new app has Holo-style tabs up top along with a drop-down for your locations. It also uses the left side slide-out menu system many apps are implementing these days. It still does all the usual weather app things like updating the current conditions, multi-day forecasts, and animated radar maps. New features include push alerts for severe weather, lightning strike tracking (which is pretty neat), high-resolution current condition icons in the notification area, and a photography section.

The revamped app fits in much better with Android as a whole, and the slate-gray action bar is particularly nice if you use a Sense phone. The free version of WeatherBug still has ads, but the Elite edition is just $2.99. That's actually $1 higher than it used to be, but still competitive with other weather apps on Android.

Weather Elite by WeatherBug
Weather Elite by WeatherBug
Developer: WeatherBug
Price: $19.99