Does the HTC One leave you cold, T-Mobile customer? Tired of all the plastic on Galaxies big and small? Then look at this filing in the Federal Communication Commission's ever-expanding database of certified wireless devices. It's the Xperia Z, Sony's current flagship model, with wireless bands for T-Mobile's standard HSPA+ network and its shiny new LTE spectrum as well. That makes the stylish smartphone as close to a done deal as we're likely to get until T-Mobile starts its press campaign.

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Still not convinced? An FCC filing doesn't mean a device will actually appear on American shores, but that's usually only true for international models (sometimes erroneously referred to as having "AT&T bands"). When a manufacturer submits a device for certification with specific radio support for one of the USA's non-standard networks, it's a pretty safe bet that it's set for release sometime in the next few months. TmoNews, which tends to be in the know when it comes to all things magenta, called this a few weeks ago.

And if you're still holding on to your skepticism like Scully in an alien autopsy, consider this little gem: the FCC filing also includes the complete user manual.

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Expect the Sony Xperia Z to pop up in T-Mobile's lineup sooner rather than later. When that happens, T-Mobile will be the first (and likely the only) US carrier to offer Sony's flagship in its lineup.

FCC - Device Report PY7PM-0520

Via Engadget - thanks to WinDroidGuy for the tip!