If you have a spare Android device lying around and want to get some added functionality out of it, turning into a server is a practical and potentially useful way to give it new life. While there are several ways to go about that, Servers Ultimate is a tool that delivers more than 36 servers and 40 different protocols all in a single app to make the task easier. And as of the most recent update, it added a slew of network tools and additional servers to the mix. Here's a look at the new additions:

New Servers:

- PHP + Lighttpd Server
- MySQL Server
- Remote Control App Server
- TFTP Server
- FTP Proxy Server
- Syslog Server
- Styx Server
- Stomp Server
- NFS Server
- iSCSI Server
- DHCP Server
- Trigger Server
- Rsync Server
- Git Server
- NTP Server

New network tools:

- IP Calculator (IPv4 and IPv6)
- Whois
- Raw socket (TCP and UDP)
- Command line
- Ping
- Network speed
- HTTP Headers
- Wake on LAN
- Lookup (mac to vendor, ip to host, host to ip, DNS)
- Traceroute
- MySQL Monitor
- Remote control app client
- Fast port scanner
- Check connectability

Additional functionality:

- Import / Export servers
- Tasker and Llama support
- Help files
- Use cronjob rules to start/stop/switch servers
- Log to a file
- Password protect the app
- Use the remote control client to add/edit/start/stop/etc servers remotely
- Allow to run servers on ports below 1024 on rooted devices
- Now a server can be run on a specific network interface or all network interfaces
- The backlog can be set for most servers
- Added support for notifications when a server is started/stopped (email, sms, etc)
- Added support for IPv6
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- Added a lot of small improvements to different servers

Aside from the additional functionality, tools, and new servers in this version, it has also been completely redesigned to offer Holo UI in both dark and light – simply head into the settings menu to toggle between the two.

There is a trial version of Servers Ultimate available that allows you to see what the app is all about (though it's limited to two servers at one time). If you find utility in it, the full version will set you back $8 – a small price to pay for such a massive amount of functionality.

Servers Ultimate
Servers Ultimate
Developer: Ice Cold Apps
Price: Free

Servers Ultimate Pro
Servers Ultimate Pro
Developer: Ice Cold Apps
Price: $8.49