After a short delay, Sprint is now ushering Samsung's highly anticipated successor to the popular Galaxy S III to store shelves, but how much does it cost? New customers can pick up the Galaxy S4 with a two-year contract for $149, but existing customers looking to upgrade must plop down $249 to bring home the same phone. This isn't the best of news for current Sprint customers, but there is now another option available.


As of today, Amazon is allowing existing Sprint customers to upgrade for $50 less. This brings the price of upgrading an existing contract down to levels resembling the price of starting a contract anew. And since it locks you in for another two years, a win for you is a win for them.

For you eager Galaxy S4 fans, Amazon offers the new handset in both black and white. If you are still on the fence about whether to join the Galaxy bandwagon, our in-depth review may help you make up your mind.

Source: Sprint Galaxy S4 on Amazon (black, white)