The day is finally here, boys and gals. The successor to the most popular Android phone to date is available online for those on AT&T and Sprint. For the small price of two-hundred dollars (with a two-year agreement), you can nab your very own Galaxy S4 on AT&T; if you're not into the idea of giving up on two Benjamins, however, you can score one on Sprint's network for $150... so long as you're willing to port your number in from another carrier. Existing Sprintsters get the shaft in that respect – you guys will have to shell out $250 for this flagship. Ouch.

If you'd rather walk into a store and play with the phone before giving up on the funds, however, you may have to wait a spell for The Now Network to catch up with demand. AT&T, on the other hand, has reported no delays, so you should be able to stroll into a retail branch and get some hands-on time with the device without problems.


Buy: Sprint; AT&T: White, Black