Getting a brand-spanking-new Galaxy S4? Already have one? Or are you sticking with GSIII for a bit longer? Either way, if you need a way to protect your new (or old) Galaxy S device, iSkin has you covered with its exo case for the GS4 or aura and vibes cases for the GSIII. These are some seriously fantastic and unique-looking ways to protect your device without sacrificing style.

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The exo for the GS4 ($30) not only looks pretty sick with its grooved back, but it also protects the device from essentially all angles, and even features a built-in anti-microbial coating to keep bacteria at bay. If you're still rocking the GSIII, though, the ultra-thin, ultra-light aura case ($40) will wrap its rubber-coated polycarbonate arms around your device, keeping it safe from harm. If you prefer something a little more... flexible, however, the vibes case ($30) may be more your speed. Its "thermoplastic composition" gives the case a soft, scratch-resistant texture, while still allowing it to protect your device from everyday damage.

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