Archery is an ancient and noble art, sitting at the intersection of physics, craft, and human skill. The Legend of Holy Archer is a somewhat ridiculous game where you control flying arrows with magic. What it lacks in authenticity it makes up for in genuine fun, thanks to solid controls and a unique game mechanic. The 3D title is a free download supported by in-app purchases (which are thankfully optional) and it's available on Android devices running Froyo or later.

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Here's the gist: you're a lone archer trying to kill a gigantic monster. Aim your bow and loose your arrow. After that, you've got some magical control to "fly" the arrow into the target, avoiding obstacles along the way - it's never a straight shot. Headshots are best of course, but with the monster squirming around, that's rarely the safe option. There are also treasure and power-ups to tempt your aim, but take care - your quiver only holds so many shots.

Once you slay the beast, you can use the earnings to buy better bows or one-time power-ups. You can naturally buy in-game currency with real money via a Google Play IAP, but the rewards and costs for the in-game items are reasonable, as are the amounts of currency. There's a "Release Ad" purchase for a dollar, which I assume means making the game ad-free. Again, pretty reasonable.

Graphics and music are good, though they won't push newer hardware, and you'll either be entertained or annoyed by the laughably bad English translation - the developer is Japanese. You can probably muddle through based on the tutorial.

Via Kotaku