SEGA has a rich history of platfoming titles to draw upon as it makes the transition to mobile gaming. Alex Kidd. Sonic the Hedgehog. Nights. But one you might not have heard of is Hell Yeah!, a downloadable title from developer Arkedo Studio. After making waves on the PC and consoles last year, this tongue-in-cheek gorefest has been adapted into what might just be the strangest endless runner on Android.

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You play as Ash, spawn of the Dark One, prince of Hell, and somehow, also a rabbit skeleton. For reasons that are not fully elaborated, Ash rides a rocket-powered drilling machine. This enables him to blast through the various circles of Hell (including the one where rumor-mongering tech journalists have to sit in a Samsung off-Broadway press conference for eternity*) killing otherwise blameless monsters with a small arsenal of weapons. Yes, he's got a rocket-powered drill and a ton of guns, because why not?

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is technically an endless runner, but the slower pace and multi-layered levels make it play more like an old-school platformer where someone's taped down the right button on your controller. There are only two controls: jump and shoot. As you progress through 60 levels, meeting all kinds of fascinating ichor monsters from the blackest night and sending them to wherever monster go after they've already gone to Hell, you can upgrade your weaponry and masks. The developers say they'll be adding even more content soon.

There's no video link on the Play Store, but here's a look at the iOS version that was released a couple of months ago.

Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno is just a buck on the Play Store, and available for devices running Gingerbread and higher.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

*No, not really. You've got to post at least five stories about the Motorola X Phone to deserve that kind of punishment.