Yesterday we covered an app that lets rooted users tweak certain aspects of the system, so why not one that'll let you tweak it aesthetically, too? Icon Themer, a new app from developer Faruq Rasid (HelixLauncher, QuickDesk), aims to bring any icon pack to any custom launcher. That's a pretty big deal for those who've bought icon packs for specific launchers but have since started using something different, or those who feel tied down to a particular launcher because of a beloved theme that won't work with others.

Screenshot_2013-04-24-09-39-26 Screenshot_2013-04-24-09-39-33 Screenshot_2013-04-24-09-39-17

Icon Themer is fairly straightforward, though it does require Xposed Framework (the app can automatically install this) so the IT module can be activated. Once the framework is installed and the module is activated, simply reboot the device and all installed icon packs will show up in Themer. Select the one you want to use and hit Apply – after one more reboot, your new icon pack should be active. Simple and easy.

Icon Themer will set you back a buck in the Play Store – head below to grab it.

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Unicon - Icon Themer Pro Key
Unicon - Icon Themer Pro Key
Developer: Faruq Rasid
Price: $2.99