The BBC iPlayer video application has been available to Android-totting Englishmen for some time, but the audio equivalent has sadly lagged behind. Today the app finally lands on Android, and it was worth the wait: BBC Licence Fee subscribers can listen to the various radio stations over WiFi or mobile Internet, and it even works when they travel abroad. Unfortunately, the service isn't available to international users at any price.

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The interface of iPlayer Radio is an interesting mix of Holo elements and unique ideas, particularly a station selector that apes an old-school rotary phone dialer. Once you've selected a radio station, you're presented information about the current track or show, along with the standard social sharing functions. Some shows can be downloaded as podcasts for later listening.

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A handy TV Guide-style radio schedule and featured content help round out the app. The BBC iPlayer Radio app is a free download for Android 4.0 and later devices, in the United Kingdom only.

BBC iPlayer Radio
BBC iPlayer Radio