If you're a fan of the top-down zombie carnage free-for-all that is Dead on Arrival, good news: N3V Games just opened registration for the private beta of the game's sequel – the appropriately named Dead on Arrival 2. image

There are a few requisites, of course – namely in device specification. For starters, you must have a device with at least a Tegra 2 (or equivalent), though a Tegra 3 (or equivalent) is recommended. Aside from that, you'll need a minimum of Android 3.0 (though 4.0 is suggested). Past that, the additional recommendations are the best part:

Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!
Aren't scared of the dark.
Don't need aspirin for headaches.
Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had too.

The first beta will be available in May, so if you think you've got the chops, head here to register – though be aware that you're signing into an NDA by agreeing to the terms of the beta.

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