Show of hands, who uses CyanogenMod? Oh, you do? I've got some good news: your camera is about to become a little more interested in what you have to say. A few hours ago, CyanogenMod announced that the included camera app will integrate a voice-activated shutter mode. Judging by one of the pictures, a new time-delayed mode will be part of the package, as well. Take a look:


As you can tell, a few different words can be used to activate the shutter, currently Cid, Whiskey, and Cheese. We also see that the voice-activated mode must be turned on for each photo you wish to take. This limitation might get in the way of creating a montage of group shots, but the developer behind the new feature, Ricardo Cerqueira, indicates that he may add a setting to keep the mode persistent in the future. The post does not specifically mention a timer mode, but the photo shows an interface with 10 second increments, up to 1 minute. No date has been posted for when this addition will be merged into CM10.1, but we probably don't have to wait much longer. For now, just sit tight and remember the first rule of CyanogenMod, don't ask for ETAs.