V-Moda has been climbing the accessory maker charts lately with stylish (if divisive) designs for headphones and phone cases. The company's first foray into Android is the METALLO case for the Galaxy S III. The all-metal design (probably high-density aluminum) is unique, changing the shape of the phone and making it dockable with an extra amplifier/battery pack accessory. It's also one of the more expensive case options out there, starting at $101 for the frame, backplate and screen protector.

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The METALLO case reshapes the GSIII, changing its soft corners into a sharper oblong rectangle with rounded sides. Protection for all sides is complete, save for some vanity panels on the back. This is a questionable design addition, but the phone should still be safe from most fall damage that isn't directly on the screen. (There's a second plastic protector for the back of the device.) The case is filled with foam for further insulation and scratch protection. Color options include black, silver, red, and orange.

metallo_s3_black_square_wbg_web__41149.1363211970.1280.1280 metallo_s3_orange_square_wbg_web__34594.1363211972.1280.1280 metallo_s3_red_square_wbg_web__71295.1363211973.1280.1280 metallo_s3_silver_square_wbg_web__78397.1363211974.1280.1280

The more interesting part of the system is the VERZADOCK, a slot for the additional VAMP VERZA accessory that docks with the METALLO case via a switchable backplate. It includes two 150mW amplifiers and a 2,200mAh external battery, for pumping out the jams (or just the annoying noises from Angry Birds) long into the night. This thing is strictly for the connoisseur, at a wallet-straining $598.

Galaxy_S_III_and_VAMP_Square__27931.1363163818.1280.1280 amazon_verza_samsungS3_m_100_records_square__32037.1363162660.1280.1280 verza_black_pkg_accessories_square_web__45001.1363150396.1280.1280

For the time being, only the Samsung Galaxy S III is supported, though it's a safe bet that an S4 model will be coming soon. The case comes with an assembly tool, a screen protector, and a bonus metal guitar pick.

V-Moda - METALLO Galaxy S III Case

V-Moda - VAMP VERZA Amplifier/Battery Pack