Chat clients limited to one-on-one conversation are going the way of the dodo. We've got numerous options for group messaging including: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google+ Messenger, Live Messenger, and we're even pretty sure Babel (or whatever it will be called) will join the list. Today, popular cross-platform chat app, Tango, steps up to match its competitors.

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The additions to the interface are very straightforward. You can pick multiple people from your contact list to start a conversation and at any time add new people or leave the chat altogether from the participants screen. To help organize conversations, groups can be given custom names and the changes appear for everybody. If you aren't already a Tango user, this update probably isn't about to turn your head, but it's pretty great news for its fans. Hit the widget below to grab the latest version.

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts
Tango - Live Video Broadcasts
Developer: Tango
Price: Free+