Wavii, a service that promises to help you "keep up with everything you care about" has been snapped up by Google, according to Tech Crunch, for a sum totaling over $30 Million.

The deal, which signals an end to an apparent acquisition battle between Google and Apple, likely means that Wavii's language processing prowess will be integrated with Google services from the Knowledge Graph all the way down to (perhaps) Google Now. It also means that Wavii will not be joining forces with Apple's Siri.

For those unfamiliar with Wavii, the service  is basically an aggregator of news it thinks is both interesting and relevant to you, the user. Using a list of topics of your choice (or those suggested for you), Wavii will pull together news stories it thinks you'll want to see, summarizing them in a very digestible, easy to read format.

Because news of Google's acquisition hinges on TechCrunch's "legitimate source," little can be known about where the twenty-five person team will end up within the company, or just what they'll be working to improve. Rest assured, we'll keep an eye on the story as any details emerge.

Source: TechCrunch