Facebook has been making numerous changes to its Android apps as of late, thanks to the arrival of Facebook Home. Sometimes, new features also bring "hidden" options – things that may not be quite ready for prime time but can be accessed within the app. Facebook Messenger has one such "feature" tucked away in its emoticon menu: stickers. Big ol' images with goofy faces and cats and other stuff. I'm not entirely sure why this is a thing that anyone wants, but it's there, and you can use these oversized emoticons now. Fun.

Screenshot_2013-04-22-10-30-02 Screenshot_2013-04-22-10-37-12 Screenshot_2013-04-22-10-34-09

That's right, Internet – I don't really like cats. What you gonna do about it?

Here's how to find 'em:

  1. Enable Chat Heads. (This only works in a popped out Chat Head, it doesn't work in the regular Facebook chat.)
  2. Press the tiny invisible area to the left of the "+" button on the bottom left.
  3. Bam - stickers.
I had some issues getting stickers to load properly while testing this – a force close/re-open seems to do the trick.

Update: Some users are having a hard time finding the invisible area that needs to be tapped. Here's a shot with the area highlighted:


And that's pretty much it. Enjoy your new fat heads and fat cats. Share them with all your friends.

via DroidSans; Thanks, Ponlawat Keratimanoch!