If you've finally decided that pre-ordering Sprint's variant of the Galaxy S4 is the right move for your mobile life, you're in for a less-than-ideal surprise: it's already sold out directly from The Now Network. Sadface.


But before you get too sad, we've some good news: it's now available for pre-order from Amazon Wireless! Happyface. You'll find that AW has the same pricing structure as Sprint, so it'll set you back $150 if you're switching networks, and $250 if you're simply upgrading. Alternatively, you can grab it contract-free for $700, which really isn't a bad price in itself.

The device is expected to hit Sprint's shelves on April 27th, which is the same day Amazon should begin shipping pre-order units. The purchase price includes free two-day shipping, so it'll be in your hands before you know it. Hit the link below to buy.

Amazon Wireless