When we first laid eyes on Minuum back in mid-March, it was love at first sight (for me, anyway). A touchscreen keyboard that only takes up one row sounds like an absolute godsend. Personally, I instantly threw money at the screen so I could get early access to this little gem – that was the first day of the company's Indiegogo campaign. During that day, it blasted past its original $10,000 goal, proving that my desire for this fantastic-looking piece of software to come to fruition was shared by many.

Here we are some 30(ish) days later, and the campaign has come to an end, raising an amazing 873 percent of its goal. That's a total of $87,369. Wow.

This means not only did Minuum reach its original goal, but also its stretch goal, allowing the company to begin working on the WDK (wearable development kit) to bring the keyboard to all sorts of other tech, including smartwatches, Glass, game controllers, and more.

The first Android beta of Minuum is set to be delivered to backers sometime in June of this year, so expect a full hands-on shortly after it hits. I already can't wait to give it a shot.