While Japanese RPGs aren't every gamer's favored time-sink, fans of the genre are constantly on the lookout for new franchises and titles to dive into. Kemco has been a steady source of older JRPGs on Android, many of them obscure PSX ports that have been translated and reworked with touch controls. The reception to most of these games has been very positive generally, so if you're at all interested in trying them out, today's the day to do it - Kemco's entire library of games are just a dollar each through April 29th.


Kemco's most expensive title - Symphony of the Origin - is a whopping $8 off the original price, and sizable savings on their other JPRG's are bound to draw a few impulse buys, as well. I've even put down a few bucks to pick up the publisher's most popular games - you can never have too much stuff to play on your tablet when travelling. Head over to the Play Store link below to take advantage of this massive discount now.

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