With the Note III nowhere on the horizon (yet), there are undoubtedly those who are still tempted to give Samsung's second phablet marvel a try. For those looking to make the jump to an ample 5.5" screen, eBay has turned up today's second deal alert, with a gray 16GB Note II going for just $499.99 with free standard shipping.


If you're looking for a deal on the device, you likely don't need us to recount the virtues of the Note II. We could go on about the 5.5" screen, S-Pen, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, and 1.6GHz quad-core processor, but in the interest of word economy, we won't.

Today's deal on eBay is the best one we've seen in a while, though – the last bargain we saw on the unlocked Note II was Black Friday, when the device was going for $549 on eBay Daily Deals, so if you're interested in getting your mitts on one at a discount, hit the link below.

Unlocked 16GB Galaxy Note II (Gray) on eBay