It's Friday, so you know what that means: devs are knocking some dollar dollar bills off their normal app pricing in order to move more copies from the Store to your device. Also, I'd like to think they're being generous and trying to give everyone something to do over the weekend (or a good way to start killing time on a Friday).

We're looking at a fairly short list this week, with the most notable title being Real Boxing – a normally $5 title going for just a buck.

EDGE actually has a pretty interesting story behind the sale: apparently, the developer of the game – Mobigame – has been in a legal battle over the name "EDGE" for the past few years. Finally, they won the suit, as the original trademark holder could not defend having the name since he was doing nothing with it. Big score for Mobigames! To celebrate, they decided to knock half the price off.

So there you go – whether you're a boxing fan, looking for a fun way to kill some time, or just want to take better pictures, today's the day to snag a good deal.