While Yahoo may not shout "relevance!" from the treetops on an Android blog, the struggling web giant's email service is still hugely popular in the US. Its Android mail client, until now, hasn't explicitly supported tablets. A new update today changes that, and the end product is surprisingly decent-looking (certainly prettier than Outlook.com's most recent update).

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While the UI layout isn't revolutionary, it is fairly attractive and clean, something I think we can all appreciate in an email client. Yahoo's also taken a bit of a page from Gmail's book and integrated swipe-based message actions, though Yahoo Mail's are actually a bit more powerful. You can swipe to delete, star, or move multiple messages at once. Not only that, you can easily group your select by sender. Neat.

For more about the update, check out Yahoo's blog post, and head to the Play Store to get it now.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Developer: Yahoo
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