Google has just launched a new app that brings a charitable side to the Play Store, making it easier than ever to – in Google's words – "do a little. Change a lot."

The basic idea behind the app (which, for now, is limited to the US) is that users can donate $1 at a time to a daily project such as saving cheetahs, bringing clean water to those in need, or providing a roof for school children. That's not all it does, though – users can track their "impact," and almost gamify the process by challenging friends to match contributions or sharing their good deed via social media.

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What's better, there's no fee for nonprofits to register with One Today, and all of your donation (minus a 1.9% credit card fee) goes directly to the cause. Those who choose to donate aren't charged right away – clicking "give" will sign you up for a "pledge," added to your overall balance, to be paid later using Google Wallet.

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The well-designed, well-intentioned app is refreshing. If you're ready to make quick, effortless donations to worthwhile causes, hit the widget below, or check out One Today's website linked below for more information. Be warned though, you'll need to "get an invitation" to participate for now, though the app promises it will deliver invitations "as soon as possible."

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One Today by Google
One Today by Google
Developer: Google LLC
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