There really is no other app out on Android as robust as Chainfire's DSLR Controller when it comes to... controlling your DSLR camera. The $8 app - which already had over 10,000 downloads and a boatload of control features - just got a whole lot better this morning with a major update that should have the app's fans absolutely ecstatic. The mile-long changelog includes tons of fixes and improvements, but the new feature list is impressive on its own.

Canon's 6D camera and the WFT dongle are both now supported via Wi-Fi connection to your Android device (!), meaning you can cut the cable to control those particular pieces of hardware, which is sort of amazing. The DSLR Controller app also now allows you to save shot images to your camera or your Android device, in JPEG or RAW formats. You can share and transfer images to and from the camera (share mode only in JPEG), and an offline image viewer has now been built into the app.

Major performance increases are also folded into this update, and the features I've talked about barely scratch the surface. Here's the full changelog:

2013.04.18 - v0.97.0 BETA

  • Added: Compatibility with 6D and WFT over Wi-Fi (EOS Utility (computer) mode, *not* smartphone/tablet mode)
  • Added: Save images when shot on camera, both on camera and Android, or jpeg on both/raw on camera
  • Added: (offline) "DSLR Gallery" icon to view images saved to device
  • Added: Share image function (JPG only)
  • Added: Delete multiple (or all) images
  • Added: Selective image transfer
  • Added: Image cache
  • Added: Anamorphic 1.3x, 1.5x and 2.0x desqueeze functions (under grid)
  • Added: Camera info (such as version, serial, shutter count)
  • Added: Long exposure time display
  • Added: Video recording time display
  • Added: Time sync
  • Modified: Liveview latency reduced by 30-60%
  • Modified: Slight FPS improvement
  • Modified: Up to 40% CPU usage reduction
  • Modified: Liveview face detection now supports multiple faces, tap-and-hold to select
  • Modified: Significantly reduced JPEG decoding time when viewing on-camera images
  • Modified: Wi-Fi Passthrough Mode completely rewritten (using standard protocols) (BETA)
  • Modified: Mirror LockUp now fully supported (no longer experimental)
  • Modified: Set A-B focus position is now toggled white/green and lower/uppercase
  • Modified: Improved file transfer speed
  • Modified: Exposure display filter is now zebra-style
  • Fixed: No longer get stuck on MF, when switching lens AF->MF->AF
  • Fixed: Various stability issues
  • Fixed: License checking problem causing memory leak

Head to the Play Store to get the new 0.97 update now.

DSLR Controller
DSLR Controller
Developer: Chainfire
Price: $7.99