The Galaxy S4 is upon us. AT&T and US Cellular launched their respective pre-order pages just yesterday, and now Sprint and T-Mobile have announced official release date and pricing info.

The Now network will begin offering The Next Big Thing on April 27th for the expected price of $250 with a two-year agreement. However, if you're willing to ditch your current provider and port your number to Sprint, you'll get another hundred-spot off, bringing the price down to $150. Not bad. You'll be able to pre-order the device directly from Sprint beginning tomorrow.

Speaking of paying $150 for Samsung's newest flagship, that's how much you'll have to throw down for a down payment if you want the device on T-Mobile. Since the carrier is now doing things its own way, you'll have to pay for the device monthly moving forward, but the good news is that you can pay it off as quickly as you want to and be free to change devices when the mood strikes thereafter. You'll also be able to get hands on the device three days earlier than Sprintsters, as it'll land on Team Magenta's shelves in April 24th. Hoorah.

Update: Looks like C Spire just joined the GS4 party as well, though in a much vaguer way – it simply announced that the device is coming "this summer." No pricing or availability info yet, but can sign up to be notified as more details arrive over at C Spire's site.

Press Releases: Sprint, T-Mobile