While I personally had not heard of Ting until today, the Tucows-owned Sprint MVNO operates on a pay-per-usage billing model, providing voice and data service on Sprint's complete network (including LTE). The company launched its first Android app in the Play Store today, designed to help you monitor your Ting account.

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The Ting app may not be jam-packed with features, but it is decidedly clean and simple, and there's nothing wrong with that. You can view your data, SMS, and voice usage in detail - including day-by-day breakdowns of your data habits. That kind of fine-grain history usually requires a big, long billing PDF, so this is definitely kind of neat. I sure wish AT&T's management app was so informative. If you're a Ting customer, head to the Play Store to pick up the new app now.

Developer: Ting, Inc
Price: Free