The day AT&T and US Cellular customers have been waiting on for some weeks is here: it's time to pre-order Samsung's Next Big Thing. For a shiny new two-hundred dollar bill, you can secure the 16GB Galaxy S4 in either white frost or black mist on either carrier. And if you're on US Cellular, you get an added bonus: the company is throwing in a free S View flip cover to seal the deal.

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There is, however, one thing missing on the AT&T side of things: the 32GB version. The company confirmed that the 32GB variant would land at $250, but it seems to be MIA here on pre-order day. Perhaps it will show up later, or maybe you'll have to wait until launch day to score one – it's hard to say at this point.

If 16 geebees is enough for you, however, head to the respective link below to order yours.

AT&T: White Frost, Black Mist | Best Buy: White Frost, Black Mist

US Cellular: White Frost, Black Mist