Don't drink and drive. Ever. Now that we've got that out of the way, Breathometer, the smartphone-powered breathalyzer, has reached its Indiegogo goal about six times over. What does that mean for you? Cheap BAC tests for everyone! The $20 device aims to make it inexpensive and easy to know when you're too intoxicated to drive. This will, naturally, replace the more commonplace test of "Have I had any alcohol? Yes? Okay, then I shouldn't drive."

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The keychain-sized device plugs in to your smartphone's 3.5mm headphone jack, so it's almost universally compatible with every smartphone on the market. It will also support Android devices 2.3 and up. The interface is as simple as getting booed off stage at the Apollo: all you have to do is blow. Your blood-alcohol level will then show up on the screen.

The group behind the Breathometer say they want to "create a sleek product that blends seamlessly into your everyday life." Of course, if you need a blood alcohol test as part of your "everyday life," it's possible that a $20 accessory will not solve your problems. However, the price is low enough that even if it's used for little more than a novelty, you're not wasting too much cash to pick one up.

As yet another reminder, however: do not drink and drive. And, regardless of how accurate this device may be or how cool it may be that you can get one, please never, ever, ever drive after getting intoxicated solely because a number on your smartphone said it's okay. If you drink, get alternative transportation. It's that simple.

Source: Indiegogo