If there is a parallel universe in which World War 2 didn't occur, I'd bet there are far fewer games there. Well, like it or not Hills of Glory 3D is a WWII-themed title that's part strategy and part "castle defense." On the upside, it's pretty enjoyable.

This is a follow up to the original Hills of Glory, but this time with a whole extra dimension. The graphics are clean and cartoon-y – it actually looks surprisingly good for only being a 49MB download. You're basically tasked with taking out enemy troops using a variety of weapons and abilities, but they are determined to destroy your bunker and go on to conquer Europe.

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Hills of Glory 3D is free to play, but that means in-app purchases are part of the deal. The more powerful weapons are in short supply and it costs money to buy more. You earn some in-game cash from playing, but real money will get you ahead faster. Such is mobile gaming these days, right?

Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe
Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe
Developer: AMA LTD.
Price: Free+