I know what you're thinking: "Oh, no... not another social image sharing app!" And if this were anything like that, I'd share you sentiments. But it's not – it's actually quite refreshing, because this app focuses solely on sharing and not at all on social.

Here's the gist: you take a pic – called a Rando in this case – and send it anonymously to someone in a completely random place elsewhere in the world. In return, you also get a Rando. And you must send one to get one. All transfers are completely anonymous – you won't know who got your Rando, and likewise won't know who sent the one you got. You can, however, see what part of the world your Rando landed in. Pretty cool, right?

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Here's the best part: there are absolutely no social functions here. No likes. No favorites. No comments, shares, or responses. It's just images – the company refers to it as simply "an appreciation of fine photography." I dig this idea.

Of course, there's the worry that you'll see something... less than ideal, if you catch my drift. There's a handy "mark as inappropriate" option in the settings, so hopefully things will be kept clean.

Rando is completely free – hit the widget to give it a shot.

The app was not found in the store. :-(