We've been seeing leak after leak about Google's rumored unified messaging service. Now, as more details get seemingly confirmed and and we even get a look at the possibly near-finished app, clearly this is the time for Google to acquire a competing IM service, right? Well, not so much, according to AllThingsD. As it turns out, Mountain View is not about to buy WhatsApp, a company that makes a product that Google is currently nearly done building itself. Just in case you were wondering.

This contradicts rumors that WhatsApp would be selling to Google for close to $1 billion. That number is in fact, zero. And instead of a sale, the deal between the two companies more closely resembles no deal at all. It's also worth pointing out that this isn't the first time WhatsApp has failed to close acquisition talks that it never began in the first place. Back in December, the internet was equally sure that Facebook would buy the messenger service. Because, again, Facebook was building its own, so why not just halt that project, buy a new company, and attempt to merge them, or shutter one and fold the two teams together?

Because buying companies just to build one service that you're already currently building, is almost always a ridiculous idea without ulterior motive. Of course, there are exceptions.

Source: AllThingsD