Earlier this morning, something strange happened. A handful of paid Disney games – including Where's My Water?, Temple Run: Brave, and Wreck-it Ralph, among others – suddenly showed up as free in the Play Store. Naturally, stories started popping up in the Android world that a bunch of fairly popular games were suddenly available without charge for no apparent reason. Perhaps Disney decided that it was time to give some titles away – but that didn't make much sense, as the "lite" versions of most titles were still present alongside their formerly-paid counterparts.


Turns out it was just a glitch, and the games are once again donning their original $0.99 price tags.

Disney isn't entirely sure what happened. The company told us that the price dropped, so they contacted Google and everything got sorted. No big deal. Of course, many users took advantage of the opportunity to snag some popular titles for free – there's no word on how future updates (or Play Store verification) will work in that case. If you happened to snag these freebies while they were, well, freebies, a quick jump into the Play Store should reveal how they'll be processed moving forward.

Update: Looks like the apps are showing up as "purchased" for those who grabbed them while they were free. Good for you!