We've enjoyed Deflecticon, the 3D variant on the classic Pong game with some fantastic graphics and totally warped perspective. In a sad turn of events, though, the developers have stated that they will no longer be able to support the game. Given this situation, they're making it available entirely for free in an as-is state. Pretty cool, devs!

deflecticon1 deflecticon2 deflecticon3

While obviously we wouldn't expect this of everyone, it is nice to see one publisher be up front about the fact that no more updates will be coming, so if something doesn't work it will not work forever. Also, since you can't make a game free on the Play Store and then charge for it later, there's no way to reverse this decision without pulling the app entirely.

It actually makes me wish you had a donate button somewhere, MeteorPixel. Very courteous move indeed.

Developer: MeteorPixel
Price: Free