Haven't you been waiting for something better to do with your photospheres than just uploading them to Google+ for other people to enjoy? Thanks to Photosphere Live Wallpaper, you can finally place them front-and-center on your home screen. The idea is simple, a live wallpaper that uses your spherical photography as a background. It's one of those ideas we've all thought of, but until now, has remained absent from the Play Store.


The developer, Kittehface Software, includes the beach shot seen above, but otherwise assumes users will provide their own photospheres. This may not be a problem to some of the natural paparazzi in our audience, but for those with less skill behind the camera, check out our recent coverage of SphereShare.net to borrow from a larger pool of publicly shared creations.


The live wallpaper doesn't waste time with a lot of settings, but allows users to adjust how much the accelerometer can pan up and down, and to disable continuous 360 degree rotation (wrap-around). There is one thing that really stood out to me: rotation is not directly tied to home screens, but rather the inertia of how fast and how far your finger swipes. The perspective changes even when dragging around icons or after you have reached the last of your own pages, but not when something like the home button returns to a primary screen. Combined with the accelerometer, this implementation means you're never looking at a stagnant wallpaper, but something that is always just a little different.

Photosphere Live Wallpaper is free on the Play Store and only requires Android 2.2 or above. Hit the widget below to give it a try!