While I'm not exactly a big puzzle game buff, The Room has me intrigued. Ornate safes, crazy locks, picking tools, and mysterious symbols - all in a wonderfully crafted 3D experience? It beats the hell out of trying to figure out which way to move a set of colorful blocks. The Room actually made its true Android debut as part of the latest mobile Humble Bundle, but now it's on the Play Store.

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The game has received near-universal critical praise, and was a massive hit on iOS, where it achieved the much-coveted iPad Game Of The Year Award from Apple in 2012. There really aren't many more ringing endorsements that could be heaped on here, and at just $2, how could you not buy it? Check out the trailer below, then head to the Play Store to pick it up.

The Room
The Room
Developer: Fireproof Games
Price: $0.99