HTC's newest flagship is doing its best to turn heads with innovative features and funky buzzword-branding. If you've been sipping the Kool-Aid and simply must have this up-and-coming powerhouse, Wirefly's got a pretty solid deal if you are (or plan on being) a Sprint customer: you can pre-order either the silver or black variants for $150.

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With that said, if you're switching carriers and plan on porting your number, then Sprint's pre-order offering is still a better deal at only $99. If you're already a customer of The Now Network, however, Wirefly's deal has Sprint's $200 upgrade price beat by a fifty spot.

According to Wirefly, the device is expected to ship on the 19th of this month. Hit the links below to snag yours now.

HTC One Stealth Black

HTC One Glacial Silver