It's really a cruel joke to put the words "Tekken" and "Tournament" in the title of a game, and then not deliver what everyone hopes. Well, Tekken Card Tournament has just arrived on Android courtesy of NAMCO BANDAI. Get ready to square off against opponents and do battle with your carefully-assembled deck of cards. Hey, that's... almost as good as fighting. Right?

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This title is meant to tie in the the launch of a physical Tekken card game this summer. You'll be able to buy over 190 cards in real life, then take advantage of augmented reality and QR codes to bring the physical cards into the game instantly. Tekken Card Tournament is mostly played online with skill-matched players around the world on various platforms.

Despite being a card game, this title boasts intense visuals and 3D environments. Tekken Card Tournament is free to play, but that means your wallet is far from safe. In-app purchases will probably be prominent.

The app was not found in the store. :-(