Who's ready for the Facebook phone?! Honestly, it really doesn't matter either way – it's coming whether you want it to or not. And as much as people are trash-talking this upcoming device, one thing's still pretty certain: everyone is curious about it. What's it going to be like? How much Facebook are we talking about here? Should I be afraid? While we can't answer or quantify all of those, we can shed a little light as to what the UI should look like thanks to a new post by @evleaks over at 9to5Google.


Right out of the gate we see what looks like an app tray – complete with "status," "photo," and "check-in" boxes at the top. Just like the Facebook app (only less blue)! But wait, there's more.

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Here we see what appears to be the main homescreen with what we can only guess is the Chat Heads feature that Ron uncovered while giving the Facebook Home APK a full cavity search. And as expected, it looks like Instagram is built-in to the core, alongside Facebook. But what's this – G+ and Twitter options in the share menu? Looks like Facebook may actually be playing fair instead of removing all signs of other networks. It's not like the "competitors" aren't a simple install away, anyway.

So what does this leak tell us? Not a lot new, really – but it does give us a chance to see what has already been uncovered. Of course, we'll see the whole thing in its entirety tomorrow, so we won't have to wonder any longer.