The PowerA Moga Pro is a step up from the already adequate Moga controller. A little bit bigger, with a better grip and an included tablet stand make this iteration a worthy successor. Assuming you can make do with the limited selection of supported titles (or don't mind working with some key mappers to make it work yourself), that is.


Now, a Slickdeals user (didn't I tell you?) points out that with coupon code "MOGAzombie" (no quotes), you can get 25% off your order directly from PowerA, which brings the price of the controller down to $37.49. Shipping is also free, though you'll be paying a bit of tax. The device is actually only up for pre-order at the moment, but it's supposed to ship "in April," so you won't be waiting too long. Oh, and as a bonus, the device includes unlock codes for Sonic CD and Pac-Man, though those are available regardless of this deal.

Source: PowerA via Slickdeals