Just a week ago, AT&T filled us in on its pricing plans for the Galaxy S 4, stating that the 32GB device would retail for $249 with a two year commitment. While that is technically true, what the carrier neglected to mention was that it would also carry a 16GB model for $199, bringing the entry-level price for this phone in line with nearly every other major handset on the market.


That being said, if you're a nut for extra storage and you're debating between this and the HTC One, you'll pay more for the extra geebees with Samsung. HTC's handset will also start at $199, but that's for the 32GB model. AT&T is also the exclusive carrier—at least initially—for the 64GB variant of that handset as well, so it's something to keep in mind. Still, good to know that AT&T and Samsung aren't eager to crank up the fairly standard pricing of major flagship handsets.

Source: AT&T