Yesterday, BorrowLenses, a site that rents gear to photo and video enthusiasts, posted up a rental page for Google Glass and a matching blog post. Those interested were invited to rent Glass on April 30th. The prices started at $105 for 3 days all the way to $499 for 4 weeks. With the developer version of Glass going for $1500, this didn't sound like such a bad idea if you were just looking to see how it worked without a huge commitment.


As we suspected, the whole thing was a hoax. Good one, BorrowLenses. You managed to convince quite a few sites around the web that the Glass offer was the real deal, so props for the original idea. Those duped can drown their sorrows with a 25% off next rental order coupon: APRILFOOLS. That's just clever marketing.

But not everything is bad news - as It turns out, the company saw so much interest that it is now seriously considering offering the Glass rental option in the future. Not nearly as soon as April 30th, of course, but once the consumer release happens. And we're willing to bet the program is going to be extremely successful.


Thanks, Liam!