Well, here it may be, ladies and gentlemen: the 'Facebook phone.' Evleaks has dropped a render / photo of what we all kind-of-sort-of expect to be unveiled by Facebook on April 4th (Thursday). We also know that it's codenamed Myst, relatively mid-range on the hardware front, and that it probably has a brand-new custom Facebook launcher.


While the logo appears to be blown up a little disproportionately, the rest of the hardware looks like pretty press-photo quality stuff. The logo may just be there as a bit of obfuscation, it's hard to say. While 'First' seems like a bit of an odd name, it is better than ChaCha, and avoids the taint that Status 2 might invoke. The font and color used on 'first' is also a pretty dead giveaway for Facebook, too. I guess we'll see if this really is the real thing come Thursday.

Personally, I would have gone with HTC Poke for the name.