Earlier this morning, we added SwiftKey Tilt to our 2013 April Fool's day post. At first blush, it just looks like another funny idea made specifically for April Fool's Day – little did we know that Tilt is actually a real feature. According to a comment left on the official SwiftKey Blog, you can enable Tilt by long-pressing on the word "tilt" in the suggested words area above the keyboard in the newest version of the app.

Sure enough, it works.

Screenshot_2013-04-01-19-05-15 Screenshot_2013-04-01-19-05-25 Screenshot_2013-04-01-19-06-10

And it functions just like in the video, too – simply move your phone around and the little ball (shown atop the "H" in the third screenshot) works like your finger to Flow Through Space. Obviously this isn't a practical way to type (it's actually pretty difficult – I bounced the ball into suggested words to get a somewhat cohesive sentence for this story), but it's still pretty dang fun to play with.

If you're a SwiftKey user, definitely check it out.

Thanks, Sid!