April Fool's 2013 is here (at least in some time zones), and the Internet has already given birth to a few early pranks. We will spend the next two days second-guessing every piece of written content, getting rickrolled, and generally feeling the way members of bomb squads do on their missions.And we will hate love every minute of it.

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So, let's take a look at the best Android, mobile, and Google-related jokes that hit the web this year.

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If you want to contribute something Android / Mobile / Google-themed that we haven't seen yet, feel free to comment with the url and optionally a brief description. We'll put the best ones up. Once again, please stick to Android, Mobile, and Google.

Google adds treasure maps

The Street View team has found Captain Kidd's treasure maps and integrated them into Google Maps. Zoom way in for added spyglass awesomeness. Supposedly, throughout the day the Google Maps G+ page could be dropping more clues, some of which you see in the video.

image image

YouTube is closing down after 8 years

Turns out, YouTube is just a giant competition to find the best video on the Internet. And now the site is finally closing after receiving enough submissions. The winner will be announced in 10 years. See you then.

Who needs a Hyperloop when you have Teleport Transporter (Beta)?

You won't find this on iOS. Courtesy of Incorporate Apps.

Google Play Developer Console improvements

Who's going to publish the first truly awesome application?

Thanks, Nicholas!


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 image image image image


Here's a fancy Easter Egg from Google. Literally.

You need a modern browser that supports WebGL to see the result. Unfortunately, viewing on your mobile seems to be out - even Chrome Beta doesn't work with it. I also tried Dolphin and the new Opera Beta with no luck.

Edit: Chrome will work if you enable the experimental WebGL support via chrome:flags. Thanks, David!



Thanks, Angel!

You know what to do

Go to an Apple store and do this. It's incredibly well-done. The page even updates the progress percentage and hides the mouse cursor while showing the corresponding spinner for the selected OS.

Update: Looks like we managed to kill the site. Hope they're back soon with better hosting.

Update #2: It's back.

image image image

Thanks, Leonard!

Google Nose (beta)

Google Nose - Google, now with 100% more alley pee.


Thanks, Al's nose!

Google+ photos gain human emotions

Load up any of your Google+ photos, press the new "Add emotion" button, and voila - 100% more emotions, instantly. Revolutionary!

1[4] image

Gmail Blue

I know I said Google+ photos with emotions was revolutionary. I was wrong. Gmail Blue is truly revolutionary. Just like Samsung's Nature UX. But even more revolutionarierer.

Samsung makes fun of its own S-/Smart overload with Eco Trees

Samsung Eco Trees, powered by S-Hit and other fertilizers.


Self-driving cars? Pfft - Google has self-writing code

+Life at Google, the official Jobs @ Google account (not that Jobs).

 Self-Writing Code 01 Self-Writing Code 02[3] Self-Writing Code 03

Thanks, Raul!

We're being watched from space, time to put on our tinfoil hats for real this time

Google Analytics.


Thanks, @ackeryfretty!

Google Fiber is bringing all the boys to the yard

Their fiber, it's better than yours.

Twitter finally figures out its monetization plan

Annncng: Twttr


Thanks, Christina!

Presenting the toaster of the future

Wait, this isn't a real product? Waaaaaah! No wonder I couldn't find the Android app in the Play Store.


Thanks, Daniel!

MugenPower has a 558,000mAh battery for the Note II

Want half a year charge? Just bring this battery pack powered by nuclear energy along with you. Also available for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Blackberry Z10, and Lumia 820.


If Android can power ovens, Nokia can build a microwave

But it's afraid to mention Windows or Microsoft in the announcement. Half-assing even the April Fools jokes?


Thanks, Gheo!

Toshiba introduces Toshibasphere

Game over, guys, pack it up. For the 2nd year in a row, Toshiba's April inventions win the Internet. There's no contest here - Toshibasphere is the king of this castle.


Newegg has the best cell phone and portable audio deals

Antennas are coming back. I knew it!


Thanks, George!

Bing does Google

Go to Bing.com and type in "google." How clever, unlike those Bing vs Google ads.


SwiftKey makes typing a full-body workout with Tilt

Because tapping, flowing, and swiping have all been done before, SwiftKey takes the keyboard experience to the next level with Tilt.

Google Wallet Mobile ATM will make your bank obsolete

If you find yourself needing to hit the ATM fairly often, Google has the solution with the new Mobile Wallet ATM. Withdrawals and deposits can now be made on the fly directly from your phone!


Apple shills shut down /r/androidcirclejerk

This subreddit has been shut down due to numerous cease and desist requests by Apple corporation. I'm starting to have /r/acj withdrawals already.


Lookout sets up a fake Android Police site

Liam Spradlin is impressed.


Virgin Mobile USA wants to bring back pagers, though this time powered by Android

Have you ever paged at LTE speeds before? I thought so. Don't knock it till you try it.


Razer turns its mice into phones

Genius! I hope the next model has a removable battery and a microSD card slot.


Thanks, Sam!


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